Software Developer and natural problem solver.

I was educated at Full Sail University in Game Development, an intensive programming degree focused on C++. For two years I learned not only how to design and develop games from top to bottom, but how to search for answers and keep up in a fast paced development environment.

After school, I took a job working in the casino games industry for WMS Gaming. Here I learned how to read and understand a large scale code base, and debug others code for production. After a few months I was assigned my first solo game project, High Speed Turbo. For this project I had the opportunity to use a brand new scripting engine, and work with the developers on the framework team for feedback and bug fixes on their implementation.

After a few more projects at WMS, I took an opportunity to work at Everi (formerly Multimedia Games), in their new satellite office in Chicago. Because this office was new, I was able to work with the director on formation of the team and office best practices despite being early in my career. Learning their tech stack was another challenge from the start, due to my minimal experience with Node JS. I was able to come up to speed quickly, and was soon working on a new theme called Lucky Pony. From there, I’ve worked on a number of projects including lead developer on the massive Penn and Teller game, a flagship product on the Empire MPX cabinet.

In addition to making games, a major focus of my work at Everi has been mentoring. I started by helping train the new senior developers on our tech, but after hiring more juniors I was able to spend time helping them develop general software development best practices in areas like code structure/clarity, project management, and agile development. Working on mentorship projects has been a huge enjoyment, and I plan on continuing to develop my skills in the way of leadship.